Nobody....ever .... should lose their mind to Alzheimer's or any other form of dementia. It should be a rare disease.”  Kate Kunkel

Kate is the author of the book “Don’t let the memories fade”. 

Kate was inspired to write the book after losing her mom to Dementia. The book was released on Sept 12 which would have been her mom's 82nd Birthday. 

After her mom got sick, Kate realized her own memory was starting to fade and made the choice to learn as much as she could to help her mom and herself. She took a holistic nutrition approach and looked at the mind, body & spirit and brought her love of music into her healing. As a professional harp player, Kate knows the power of music to heal. After seeing her own & her client's results, she knew she had to write a book and share what she knows with the world. 

Kate’s mission is simple ....” To share all that I have learned about protecting the brain and the power of music and words to inspire and heal with anyone who is called to work on their own health and happiness.”

Kate is a vegan nutritionist, coach, professional harp player, she teaches the harp to people all over the world, daughter, wife, animal lover, cat hero, community volunteer and author of 2 books. 

Kate Kunkel is a vegan nutritionist, harpist with a Holistic approach to preventing dementia and creating a healthier more vibrant life.  Boost your health and protect your brain in 5 simple steps.

  1. Diet

  2. Exercise

  3. Sleep

  4. Learn something new

  5. Meditation and find ways to manage your stress.

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Kate is an amazing Harpist, please enjoy this incredible video of her playing Gabriel’s Lullaby


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