Your Body is not a dump bucket with Jo Coburn


“Is the Food you are eating...feeding or killing your microbiome”  when Jo said that in our interview, I knew she was a woman after my own heart.  I say that to people all the time.  It's either doing one or the other, which is it.  Those little friends in our body are there for a reason, we need to be at peace with that and learn to help them thrive.

What is in your pantry?  Is it serving you? Is it just taking up space?  I don’t know about you but I know there are some foods that are in my pantry that I need to just toss.  Some of them are there because I have not emotionally accepted that they do not belong there anymore, I know it, but I paid good money for it and it might be expired but it is still ok.  How many years am I going to leave it there?  Well, it’s gone this week because I am doing a Pantry Renovation Challenge in my group this week so I need to set an example and toss them now:)

I asked Jo on the Podcast because there is so much happening in our world this year but through all of this, we have almost never heard anyone talking about our immune system and how we can help keep it as strong as possible.  Yes, healthy people still get sick but when they do they usually recover faster and do not get as sick in the first place.  All this stress right now is making things so much worse than it needs to be.  As Jo said. The immune system gets turned off when we get stressed so our first step to staying healthy is to do what we need to do to feel less stress about all of this.

However, you feel about wearing masks, distancing yourself from your family & friends, herd immunity.  None of it matters, what matters is that YOU do what YOU feel is best for yourself and your family.  You do what will make you less stressed about the situation.  Follow your own heart and do not let anyone make you feel guilty about it or let them put MOM QUILT on you.  I have friends that sent their kids to school and their family and friends are making them feel guilty for not homeschooling, I have friends that are homeschooling and people are making them feel guilty for not allowing their kids to be social.  Just stop... You do You…. & own it.

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