Food is Mood with Stacy Tiegs
Food is Mood

“Maybe I should do a little less of THAT”  what great advice from Stacy Tiegs.  In her book, Stacy shares a little about a lot of things.  She hopes that it inspires you to look a little closer at those ideas to see if perhaps you should do a little less or a little more of that.  All these little things add up to be a BIG DEAL.  We were so on the same page.  I often get asked what I have done to transform my body and my health and when I list off a few things, I often get a …” So you do not really know what you did that helped”  OMG they so missed the point.  

I got the results that I did because I did all these little things.  All these little things made my body and my mind stronger and stronger and helped my body work more efficiently.  If you took out any one thing, I probably would not have gotten the same results.  We have to learn to look at the big picture and accept the fact that all these things matter.  The food we eat, the exercise we do, the toxic chemicals we are exposed to, the toxic thoughts we accept (both from ourselves and others), the way we deal with the stress of life and the stories buried deep inside us.

The bottom line is you have the choice to go back and heal it.  You can work on the emotional part of what is making you not well and as Stacy said…” You have the permission to change your story”.

Go out and write a new chapter!  I can’t wait to read it.

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