Own Your Own Shit with Jen Weir
Own Your Own Shit
A few years ago I met Jen Weir in a business and personal development program that we were both takings.  We hit it off right away and when she told me about her Emotionally Free program,  I jumped at the chance to take it.  I had just lost both my dad and aunt to cancer and had some major changes in my life.  I needed some help processing the emotions that came with it.

I loved the part in the podcast where she is talking about her dad telling her that SHE had PTSD.  I never thought of any of my “life events” as PTSD, that is just for service people, soldiers, police personnel, firemen … you know.  Important people!  Not us “normal” people, our SHIT is nothing right?  We have no right to even try to compare our shit to that!

Why do we do that?  Why do we not value ourselves and our struggles? Why are we less important than the next person?  In the podcast, I mentioned that I have a rare essential oil blend that I do not use because I need to save it “for people who really need it”.  It is too valuable for ME. OMG, it is time to change!  I am important, YOU are important, we all have struggles but it is time to stop letting them define us or stop us from being who we want and need to be.  We are so worth it.  We are worth the time and energy in investing in US!!  If WE don’t invest in us, who the He!! is going to?

When Jen & I were at an event together in March we talked about how we both worried that 2020 could affect many people like a form of  PTSD. Please do not let that happen to yourself or people you love.  There has been a lot of change this year for all of us, stop judging others, stop judging yourself and just love and support each other where we are at.  Do not let the stress turn off your immune system and make you more vulnerable to anything.  Do not let your struggles stop you from moving forward. As Stacy Tiegs said in yesterday's podcast, “you have permission to heal”.

Go write that new story.  See it the way you want it to be and do not accept anything different.  Make it a non-negotiable in your life!
Jen has an incredible talent to help teach people how to process their emotions in a healthy way.  There is so much that we all can learn from her.  I hope you enjoy our conversation.

You can connect with Jen on her website: https://www.weirtx.com/
Or Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jenweir2020/
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