Massage is a powerful practice for improving circulation, removing unwanted toxins and calming the nervous system. The ancient Maya developed a type of massage specifically for the abdomen, other cultures utilize abdominal massage in their healing modalities also.

The benefits of abdominal massage are the same as regular massage, though they offer additional benefits for the digestive system. Whenever I have a sore tummy, cramps, constipation or gas I rely on this technique to help relieve pain and get things moving in the right way. It’s incredibly easy to do and there are just a few principles to follow.

● Always move in clockwise circles
● Go slow and don’t apply too much pressure
● It should never be painful
● Using peppermint, lavender or other digestive or calming oils. (my favorites are Digize, Deep Relief, Fennel & Ginger) l diluted with a bit of carrier oil is extra effective
● Lay down in a comfortable position in a quiet environment
● Move your hands in circles that go up close to the ribs and down to the pelvic bone
● It doesn’t have to take long, even 2 minutes is enough to have positive effects

This form of massage ensures a full blood supply to the lower intestine and really stimulates movement and detoxification. This type of self massage helps with releasing gas and reducing bloating.

I use this technique when I lay down in bed to sleep at night and it helps promote long term gastrointestinal health. It also helps to relax the vagus nerve and reduce stress. Stress is one of the worst culprits for poor digestive health so the more ways to decrease it the better.

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