As we age, we naturally lose digestive enzymes, taking a good quality digestive enzyme helps get the system working properly again. 

My favourite digestive enzyme is Essentiazyme 4  I take it 20 minutes before lunch & dinner, it has made a huge difference in my health.  Especially when eating out and on vacation.  I try my best to order foods that will work for me but once I place the order, I lose control of the process.  Enzymes help to level that playing field a little.

We need to learn to take care and protect our little friends the microbiome.  Feed the good and not the bad.  Eating prebiotic-rich foods to feed our friends, fermented foods and good probiotics to help increase their numbers and variety are great places to start.  I try to eat fermented food 2 times a day and keep trying new kinds to give my body a variety.  If you are interested in learning about fermented foods, be sure to join my Facebook group every Friday is Fermented Fridays and we explore and learn how to make new kinds.  I also highly recommend you take a good quality probiotic, Young Living’s Life 9 is excellent.

Now we can start working on repairing the damage done to the digestive system and the walls of the GI tract.  There are lots of things we can do to help heal the gut lining and digestive system.  Such as bone broth, zinc, Vitamin D, eat more good fibre, L-glutamine & collagen.