DIY"s are lots of fun 
so easy to do 

 Save money with DIY’s


There are so many fun things that you can do with essential oils.  Make your own perfume, room spray, body spray, outdoor spray, chest rubs, rollers for almost anything, sprays or balm for your pets or farm animals, aromatherapy spray or rollers to help you deal with your emotions, even a spray for you mask to make it more enjoyable to wear one. 


You can find a recipe for almost anything online, but how do you know it is a good one or that it will work?  Well, a good place to start is to know what you need to have in every DIY. In this video, we go back to grade school and learn the basics.  Once you know the basics, you can have a blast playing and discovering.


Christmas Bath Salts

Homemade Vapour rub

So easy make simply melt some coconut oil, 
let cool and add some essential oils & let cool.

Some great DIY resources:

Melissa Poepping is the author of the Chemical Free Home series.  I love her books and use many of her recipes daily.  If you are wanting to invest in a few recipe books, here would be the first to look at. You can check out her free resources here: