Why NOT 
try something 
 natural first?

Why I use essential oils?

Hint, it's not just because they smell nice.

We are exposed to so many toxic chemicals every day. They are all around us. In our cleaners, beauty products, makeup, shampoo, conditioners and our foods. We ingest them in our foods and we exposed them through our skin. However, we have better options. We have control over what we allow into our homes and what we subject our skin. The rest of the world can promote you whatever they like, on the other hand, we can choose what we feel is right for our families.

They are so much more than something that smells good. Yes, they smell great, but where they really excel is when you try using your oils before the more toxic options.

Toxic-Free lifestyle

When we were kids life was simpler.

If we want to reduce our toxic load, we can use essential oils to balance our health before reaching for other harsher methods. Essential oils can be used to help keep us above the wellness line. Young Living has 96 different single essential oils and 123 blends. In Canada, many of these are called Natural Health Products (NHP’s) meaning that Health Canada has agreed that they are enough scientific information that we can make certain health claims about that essential oil. Such as that Thieves and Deep Relief can help reduce the effects of a common cold, that Digize or fennel can help with digestive pain and cramps. Black pepper, lemongrass or Relieve it can help with a headache, lemongrass and Cool Azul Pain Relief Cream can help with joint & muscle pain, lavender, clary sage or cedarwood can help calm nerves and reduce stress to name some of my favourites.

How to use the NHP (Natural Health Products) oils in Canada 

*Many of Young Livings Essential oils are approved by Health Canada