How to do a food Elimination Diet?


What food is YOUR kryptonite?

When Superman is exposed to green Kryptonite he becomes weak. It is not that it kills him, it just weakens him & makes him vulnerable, allowing his enemies the opportunity to overtake him.  Everyone else is fine, it just affects Superman. 

If you have an autoimmune issue or illness that your doctors have not been able to label you with yet, chances are YOU have a food that is YOUR Kryptonite. It is perfectly healthy food for other people, but for you, it weakens your body and allows you to not be at your best or even allows your enemies (illness) the opportunity to overtake YOU.

This is a little clip from a presentation I did at the 2020 YL Success Summit.   There are lots of other great videos about this same topic as well. To access the entire line up of speakers click here.

What kinds of symptoms can food cause?

Almost anything
  • Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, stomach pain, cramps heartburn, reflux or changes in bowel habits
  • Brain fog, moodiness, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity
  • Asthma, changes in breathing, seizures
  • Fatigue, weight loss or gain, joint pain, headaches, migraines
  • Rashes or skin issues
What is a food elimination diet? 
A food elimination diet is removing the foods that are commonly causing people issues or that you think might be issued for you, for 30 days so that your body can heal and reset.  Then bringing them back slowly so you can tell what ones are foods are causing inflammation in your body.  People often look at this as what they have to give up.  I challenge you to look at it differently.  It is not what you are giving up, it only 30 days, after all, it is what you will gain for the REST OF YOUR LIFE.  Finding out what foods are causing the problems (or what ones are not) gives you. a Huge sense of freedom.

When you know how YOUR body responds to things, you can make the decision I want to risk that today or in the days to come or am I best to just leave it be.  This is where the freedom comes in, it is YOUR body, you decide what comes in and what does not.

Having inflammation all the time SUCKS.  Stop dealing with symptoms all the time and get to the root of the problem and eliminate that.
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 #1 tip... "Eat WHOLE FOODS"

How long do you need to eliminate the foods? 
30m days is a standard elimination diet, but it needs to be a min of 21 days. Then you slowly bring them back one at a time to see what ones are causing the issues.  When you find what foods are the problem, it is very empowering.  
What foods do you avoid? 
There are many books on the topic, and each author has a slightly different spin on it, but the most common ones are Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Corn, Soy, Sugar & Sugar alternatives, Peanuts, Processed foods and if you have arthritis - Night Shades.  

Night Shades are potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, dried herbs and spices that are made from them. (Black Pepper is usually not included).   These foods can hide almost everywhere, that is what can make doing the diet a challenge, but if you remove processed food and eat real whole foods, you take almost all of that stress out of the equation. It is the biggest tip I can give you, and it will last a lifetime:)
There are many different books on the topic.
Which one should I read?

If you want to do a food elimination diet on your own, I highly recommend that you purchase and read one of the many great books on the topic.  Each book is available in both the physical book, audiobook and a matching cookbook.  What works for many people is to listen to the audiobook and then get the physical cookbook. That way, you get the best of both.  The book can be a dry read for some,  so listening to it instead might work better for you.  The book will help you understand why all of this is suggested, and I think it will keep you more committed to it.  

They all have great chapters on toxins as well to help you understand the connection.  Do not overlook the need to do this at the same time.  If you have not started removing the toxins from your home, I suggest that you start that right away.  Starting to remove the toxins before starting the elimination diet is a great plan and will serve you well. . I recommend that you read the whole book before you start the diet but start removing the toxins as you read the book to have a jump start.

Like any kind of health goal you have, your chances of success are greatly increased by having a partner or coach.  If you can find someone who has done it before or join a group, it will help a lot or hire a coach like myself to help guide you and show you where all these foods are hiding.

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