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Changes do happen if you put your mind into

In the fall of 2015,  I was walking into the Naturaphatic clinic for my second appointment.
A month earlier I had seen my doctor about my depilating IBS, extreme lack of energy, constant bloating, digestive issues and my gluten sensitivity. It had taken over my life and was stopping me from doing the things I loved and spending time with the people I care about.
There were many days I was late for work or getting my kids to their sports events because I could not get out of the bathroom long enough to get to the next place.

It was controlling my life.
My doctor had tested me for foods that were causing inflammation in my body and was suspicious about something called candida, which is a yeast overgrowth. 

She was so sure that was one of the causes of my issues that she started me on a special diet to kill off the candida &  remove the foods that could be the problem. Today I got to find out if she was right.

Now, in only a month, I was walking back into my doctor's office with drastically improved digestion, less bloating, less diarrhea., I could think clearer and my skin looked amazing.

As soon as she saw me she asked if I had noticed my skin. I certainly had, as I said, it had completely changed in one month. I actually thought my skin was fine before, but now it had a healthy glow that was indescribable.

My test results confirmed that she was right. I had a very high level of Candida and my IGg test that showed that there were some foods causing inflammation in my body. One of which was Gluten, even though I had removed gluten years ago, my gluten levels were quite high.
I would have to stay on this restricted diet for another month.

At first, I was devastated, I had not planned for making and “lifestyle” changes. I was just doing this for 30 days, to kill off the Candida, take a few probiotics, maybe not eat as much of some foods and move on. But the results were undeniable. I felt so much better than I did a month ago. I did not want to go back to feeling like that again.

Back to the 1 bowel movement in 4 -5 days or constant constipation followed by sudden violent diarrhea,
Back to the sudden bloating that made me look 9 months pregnant,
back the bowel cramps that were worse than any labour pains,
back to having to clean public washroom before I leave the stall or Stressed about who might have heard or smelt me in the bathroom
back to the terribly low energy,
back to the foggy brain,
back to missing out on my kid's events and all the important things in life.

I decided that obviously this was working. I needed to do what Dr. Kamphus told me to do and I needed to change my mindset about all of this and stop looking at what foods I can’t eat and look at what I have gained already in such a short time and look at what kind of life I wanted to have.

In those first 2 months, I lost 25-30lbs and almost completely removed the majority of my IBS symptoms. I felt great. Not only did I change my lifestyle but eventually my family did too. My husband and I both lost 50 lbs and completely reshaped our bodies.

How? because, we made some major lifestyle changes, one small step at a time. We ate better quality food, I removed the toxic chemicals from our home, we moved our bodies more, (Ron moved his body a lot more than me).

Now I am dedicated to helping other people find the root cause of their health issues as well.

Before, During & After

In 2015 I lost 50lbs, most of which was in 2 months when I was on the Candida diet. I had already been off of Gluten for about 6 years and stopped drinking milk for about 15 years.  When I first went gluten Free I lost about 20 lbs but it back on slowly when I discovered the gluten-free aisle.

 The middle picture and the end pictures are only about 1lb difference. In the middle picture, I had already lost 50 lbs, after that, I went off of all grains for a year and nightshades. They both turned out to be issued but mostly nightshades.  I can eat rice, just not every day but potatoes are one of my Kryptonite's, (Gluten and Dairy are the others).  You can see all the inflammation (and fat) around my midsection, it was amazing to see how that went away by mostly removing those foods.  I did start exercising as well but not that much. 

I also used to have a lot of low back pain and every time I went to the chiropractor he had to adjust the spots that are connected to my stomach and my colon.  When I cut the food out my back pain, and most of the other pain I had, went away.  Without exercise. In fact, the middle picture was taken at a fitness class at the Young Living Convention in Calgary.  I thought it was going to be a yoga class but instead, they had us doing a boot camp kind of thing.  That started my journey to moving my body.  I did not die that day, so I started looking for ways to get more active.

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