Discover TaeKwon-Do with Dave Hargraves

A big part of living a healthy lifestyle is being intentionally active. By that, I mean actually making time to work out or be physical. That is easy if you have a sport or activity that you love, what if you do not have that….yet. Yet is a keyword. There are so many different ways to be active and so many different sports.

Today is the first episode of my Discover sports series. In my Facebook group, every Saturday is Sweaty Saturday and once a month I will be talking to someone about the sport they love, why they love it and what made them choose it. The purpose is to start exposing you to different activities, especially ones that you might not know about. Maybe one of them will spark an interest in you because when you find that activity that fits you, you will love showing up every day and it will no longer be a chore.

I do not love working out, but I do love having the strength to do the things that I want to do and not being in pain anymore. I have not truly found that activity that I truly love, so I look forward to discovering with you.

Today we are talking to Mr. Dave Hargraves from Dual Dragon Taekwon-Do in Stettler Alberta. Mr. Hargraves has been my daughter, Andrea’s instructor for 11 or 12 years. She found the sport that she loves and it made a huge difference in her life. One of the reasons that she loved the sport is because of Mr. Hargraves. If you are looking for a martial art for yourself or your children, find one that matches your family's values. When you do, you might just discover a whole new family.

Can an animal lover safely use essential oils?

When I started using essential oils on myself and in my home,I kept seeing posts about the fears of using essential oils with and around animals. Our animals are a HUGE part of our lives and we treat them just like our kids, (well...better than the kids, they get away with things that we would never let the kids do.)

I would never do anything that could harm them, but essential oils have so much to offer them as well. For example, we love using some of the oils to help our dog Sally deal with her fear of fireworks and going to the vet. 

Today I talked with Kate Brown about how to safely use oils with our animals. Kate is a Aromatherapist and an instructor for Healing Touch for Animals, she brings her incredible knowledge into the conversation today. She has so much to share we could have talked for hours, who doesn’t like talking about their pets:) 

I hope our conversation today takes the fear out of using oils with your animals. Once you know a few simple rules, you are good to go.

Come join us on facebook and post a picture of your pets. I would love to see your fur babies.

Please remember, just like when using essential oils on our bodies, quality matters. Be sure your oils do not contain harmful toxins from their growing or extraction process.

She has lots of incredible, in depth, courses on her site, for both people and animals.

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My 30 years struggle with IBS part 1 

For 30 years I suffered with severe IBS and digestive issues, it controlled my life and I felt like I lived in the bathroom. 5 years ago that all changed.  I found a doctor of naturopathic medicine and we started treating my Candida and food intolerances.  Things got massively better fast and I got my life back. In this episode I talk about my struggles and what happened that made me decide that it needed to change, that " I " needed to change.  Now I am passionate about letting people know that is there is another way. You can find the root causes, fix your gut and change your life.

Stay tuned in a week for part 2, all about what I did to get my health back.

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Own your own shit with Jen Weir

I loved talking with Jen, I especially loved the part where she is talking about her dad telling her that SHE had PTSD. Sometimes we can not see the forest for the trees and need someone to point out what we later realize was obvious. For me what it really brings light to is the fact that there is no right definition of PTSD, it is totally dependent on how WE processed it. If it is affecting us, we need to deal with it.

Jen has an amazing talent for helping people process their emotions. I loved her program when I took it a few years ago. It came at a perfect time in my life, just after my dad passed away from cancer. I hope this interview gives you a glimmer of hope and sparks your desire to heal and look for some answers to help you. Like Stacy Tiegs said in yesterday's podcast, she never had any tools to help her. Both Stacy and Jen have amazing tools to help us heal & in 2020, we could really use them.

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Food is Mood with Stacy Tiegs

 I loved Stacy's Book and was so excited to talk to her about it.  Stacy’s story is so inspiring, she puts it all out there in her book and shares where she was at but what really connected me was how similar her story of what she did to improve her health was almost exactly the same as what I did to improve mine.

That is what I love about looking for the root cause of your health issues, we are all unique and all so different but at the same time we are so the same as well.

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Your Body is not a dump bucket with Jo Coburn

What is the tolerance of your immune system and how can we help it be as strong as possible?  

I really enjoyed my conversation with Jo Coburn, she gave us a great insight into the immune system and how it works.  The more we understand about it, the better choices we can make to keep it as healthy and as strong as possible.


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You can connect with Jo at www.truewellnesswny.com or www.jocoburn.com 

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Music to Heal with Kate Kunkel

What did I learn from Kate….Go out and have FUN learning new things, listen to music and enjoying life. You are going to love today’s guest, author... 


You can connect with Kate via her website: https://katekunkel.com/ and get your copy of Don’t Let the memories fade on   

Amazon Canada, https://www.amazon.ca/Dont-Let-Memories-Fade-Preventing-ebook/dp/B08GBR1Z37?fbclid=IwAR0-qgb-wgP0S8lapLEEh3Gv0Axsz38L-PVd5k-NxiSj2M7tarjc5NkDma4 or 

Amazon USA: https://www.amazon.com/Dont-Let-Memories-Fade-Preventing-ebook/dp/B08GBR1Z37

Kate is an amazing Harpist, please enjoy this incredible video of her playing Gabriel’s Lullaby


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Turning Diabetes into BBQ sauce with Nancy Belle

When Nancy Belle was diagnosed with Diabetes, her first reaction was in denial, then she realized that her blood sugars went up when she ate BBQ sauce and she decided that as a chef she had to be able to solve the problem. She has lost 325 lbs, as she describes it…2 skinny girls and an incredible business were born.


You can connect with Nancy Bell at Delight Catering and Chef Services 
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And keep an eye open on Edmonton Global news on the Sunday cooking segment.

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