Our makeup bags holds some of the worst toxins

Or DO you know what is in your makeup bag?

Did you know that the average woman puts on 100’s of chemical toxins in their morning before they eat breakfast?  

Young Livings has a full line of beauty products and makeup so you can look your best without risking your or your daughter’s health. 

Toxins you want to avoid include:



Mineral Oil







Synthetic Fragrance

Synthetic Colorants

You can enjoy makeup that does not contain anything it should not and has been produced with respect for both the earth and us.

Make a Statement without saying a word

Feel confident without compromise with Savvy Minerals by Young Living.  This mineral-based makeup line combines premium formulas with pure ingredients, so you can embrace your natural beauty without sacrificing your standards  With a variety of shades and colours, you can find the perfect products to help you make your mark.

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toxinfree make up

Even with the best beauty products at our disposal, If you want to have better skin. 

You need to look at your diet and your gut health.  One of the first improvements I noticed when treating my candida issue was the look and texture of my skin.  The other day my hubby and I were at the hardware store and saw a friend's husband.  When he told his wife that he had seen us, his comment was.. “Their skin looks incredible”.  Beauty starts from within, both physically, in the foods we eat and of course the way we feel about ourselves.  Gluten, Dairy and sugar especially affect our skin's health. If you want to learn more about how nutrition and the foods we eat affect your skin, book a discovery call.

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