If you walk into the bathroom and the water is overflowing from the toilet, do you run and get the mop or shop vacuum? Or do you turn off the water??  You stop more damage by turning off the darn water!

 What are the things that are causing the damage in our gut?  If we start cleaning up before we stop doing the things that are causing the damage, we will be fighting a losing battle. 

Things that can be causing the damage are toxins, food reactions, food allergies, infections, stress and of course we have to look at the leaky gut.

We need to stop doing the things that are damaging the micro-biome.  Things like exposure to chemicals, in our foods, our homes, our cleaners, our beauty products, even the chlorine in our water supply.  Many of these chemicals are designed to “kill bugs”….all bugs, friend or fo.  They do not discriminate, they are equal opportunity destroyers.

Some foods feed the micro-biome and some foods destroy them, (or feed their competition).  We often say there are good bugs and bad bugs.  I hate the word “bad” bugs.  Just like outside our bodies, we have bugs that we often call bad bugs.  Like mosquitoes, we all hate them, but there are on earth for a purpose.  For one thing, they feed dragonflies, I like dragonflies.  If we did not have mosquitoes, what would the dragonflies, birds or other insects eat?

 It is not just as simple as eating good food or even just eating whole foods.  If a food allergy or intolerance is causing inflammation in your body then it is not good for you and is at the root of your problems.  Finding out what foods are creating the problem is really important.  Food that commonly causes problems is gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugar, peanuts & processed foods.

Infections can also cause a lot of havoc and include things like parasites and viral or bacterial infections but also things like SIBO & candida

Stress affects our bodies in many different ways and drastically effects our immune system, even our negative thoughts can affect it.  We all have stress in our lives, but we have to find ways to manage it.