What's holding you back?
You are more than the symptoms that stand in your path. The inflammation, joint pain, autoimmune disorders, and more can feel overwhelming.

I get it!

I tried diets and treatments and supplements all in an effort to take back my health and my life! But I continued to battle against my body until I discovered the root of my struggle: my gut.

Now I help frustrated women who have tried everything to conquer their own health nemesis. Are you ready to quit putting a Band-Aid on your symptoms and unmask the problem at its core? It’s time to start healing so you can live Your Super-Powered Life!

What is SuperCharge Your Gut?
Your health is both physical and mental. This program is an innovative blend of the groundbreaking protocol, Gut Thrive in 5™, and a deep-dive into the mindset to make it work.

Gut Thrive in 5™
Developed by Jack Tips and Christa Orecchio from The Whole Journey, Gut Thrive in 5™ addresses the root cause of your digestive health issues. Beginning with an extensively researched questionnaire, you’ll learn more about your symptoms, what’s causing them, and how to fix them.

Next, you’ll work through five steps to heal your gut and immune system. In these steps, you’ll start to remove the foods and pathogens causing inflammation and sickness. Then you’ll re-introduce good bacteria and proper nutrition to basically reseed healthy gut flora and rebalance your stomach acid production. And finally, you’ll learn how to maintain your new-found health in a realistic way that doesn’t leave you feeling like a hostage to a set of rules. You’ve got to have fun, too!

Did you know that millions of Americans experience something called Leaky Gut, or intestinal permeability? By taking the steps above to heal your gut, you can reverse the effects of Leaky Gut and take back your health!

Unmask Your SuperWoman:
How to clarify your self image and discover the superpower inside you.

Along with healing your gut, we will work together on the mindset behind getting healthy.

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything but still don’t feel healthy? The truth is it’s about more than just doing the right things. Your superpower comes from knowing exactly what you want in life and then taking the steps to get there!

Learn to envision the healthy life you want and unmask the Superwoman inside!

Hi there! I’m Yvonne,

...gut health coach and certified Gut Thrive in 5 ™ practitioner. It’s my mission to help women unmask and conquer the underlying causes of their health struggles. I see so many women like you, chained to the bathroom and frustrated because nothing seems to work.

I understand because this was me! I felt trapped by my own body; bloated, uncomfortable, embarrassed. Despite trying to eat healthy, and adding the supplements I thought should help, nothing changed.

Until I discovered I had to go deeper. In 2015, I finally went to a naturopath who set me on a journey of uncovering the root cause of my digestive problems: my gut.

Since that time, I’ve been healing, both physically and mentally. I’ve learned that what I really want is a healthy body and a healthy mind so I can help others find the same. And as one of my mentors, Bob Proctor, says, “You do not need to know HOW you will accomplish something… You just need to know WHAT you want!” The universe has a way of making a way and sending what you need when you need it.

So when the chance to become one of the first Gut Thrive in 5 ™ practitioners in the world popped up, I jumped at the opportunity. This ground-breaking protocol delivers all the knowledge I knew my clients needed to heal their bodies. And blending this program with a focus on the mindset of health means they can truly have the whole and fulfilling life they desire.

Are you ready to heal your body and reprogram your mind to live the life you dream of?

Why Join Supercharge Your Gut?

Get Clarity
About yourself, your health, and what you want out of life. Your health truly begins in your gut AND your mind. Uncover the thoughts and habits you need to change, while envisioning the future you desire.

Educate Yourself
Participate in group and individual coaching sessions and take advantage of the resources available to learn everything you need so you can make wise choices with confidence.

Build a Toolbox
Create habits and develop a strategy so you not only heal, but have the tools to maintain your new healthy lifestyle, long after the program ends.

Be Accountable
You are not alone! Lean on the others in the group to help you stay on track to meet your goals.

Change Your Story

You do NOT have to let your poor health define you. As you heal and begin to unmask your own superpowers within, you get to change your story.
The program includes:
- 12 months of one on one coaching. 

- 14 one-on-one coaching sessions to help you customize and adapt the program to YOU.

- Bi-weekly group calls to help you navigate the program and get to know the other members of the group. This is a place for accountability, sharing, and encouragement on your Super-Powered journey.

- A specially designed full digestive health assessment.

- Customized supplement and cleansing protocols specific to your assessment result. Supplements are extra, see below.

- In-depth, educational and action-driven videos on why and how to rejuvenate the microbiome.

- “How to Implement” videos through each step of the program.

- Over 50 pages of action-driven PDFs to support your learning.

- Delicious, customized, and easy-to-follow meals for every stage of the program (includes shopping lists and over 100 recipes!)

Cost of Supplements:
To fully participate and fully benefit from the Gut Thrive in 5™ Program, supplements are required.Please note that the supplement kits are an additional cost. They are exclusive, and customized supplement packages with the highest quality botanicals and bacteria strains intended to carry out very specific leaky gut healing strategies.  Supplement kits range from $539-$799 USD plus shipping.

This is right for you if:
- You are sick of being a hostage to your own health!

- You have tried diets and medications and nothing has helped.

- You know there has to be a healthier, more powerful version of yourself inside, and you’re ready to let her out!

- You are ready to do whatever it takes to be part of your own healing process.

Are you ready to take back your health and start living your Super-Powered Life?

Heal your gut and reprogram your self-image to unleash the very best YOU! Begin with a needs assessment so we can lay out the action steps that will propel you toward your goals.
Grab Your Spot Now!