Toxins are everywhere and they are making us sick.

Functional Medicine tells us that the root cause of the most illness is Food, Toxins, Infections and Stress. 
As a health coach, I help you find ways to manage your stress, find the foods you do best, which ones might be feeding your illness, understand how infections can affect you, and how the toxins around us affect us and our family's health.
Most people want to be healthier but do not know how to make the changes they need.  Making a tone of changes all at once is overwhelming and stressful.  Stress turns off our immune system and creates a ton of issues, making our health worse. It is a vicious cycle of what came first the chicken or the egg; it is time to stop the cycle and get the results you want.

Why not try a healthier option first?

In Canada, food manufacturers have to identify if the product includes any top foods that cause reactions. We are so lucky to have those regulations. It is not like that in all countries. 
However, we are not so lucky when it comes to identifying the chemicals in our cleaners, beauty products, and personal care products. Many countries in the world do not allow a fraction of Canada & the USA's toxins. The European Union, for example, has banned 1328 chemicals from cosmetics. Here manufacturers do not have to identify everything that is in their products. They are allowed to hide a tone of things under "Fragrance" and call it part of the proprietary blend. I do not think that is right. I used to think that our government had regulations in place to look out for us, but the more I learn, the more I realized that's not the case.

The toxins affect us in so many ways. Mostly they destroy our microbiome in our digestive tract, overwhelm our liver (and other filtering organs), and are endocrine disruptors. If we stop the damage, they are creating. We can allow our bodies to work the way they were intended to.

If you want to learn more about how the toxins affect your gut,
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 If we want to know what is in those products, we have to do a ton of research to find the answers.  Young Living can help us to take that stress away. Their products have the highest standards, have full disclosure of ingredients, are based on science and are manufactured with strong moral and environmental standards. When I first started using the oils, I loved making my DIYs with the oils. Unfortunately, my dad & aunt got sick, and so my priorities in life shifted. I realized it was a lot easier and less stressful if I go with a company I believe in its dignity and ethics than wasting my time on hours to find the right product. Hence I started using Young Living products. 

"Given half a chance the body will heal itself."- Joshua Rosenthal

Toxic chemicals clog up our endocrine system and cause it to not work properly.

and the content for greenwashing is: As consumers demand better products manufacturers are responding. Be careful however because there are a lot of companies that are just greenwashing, meaning that they make it appear that they have clean products but in fact, they have just replaced one bad chemical with another bad chemical. You can look up your favourite items on the apps like Chemical Maze and Ingred. They will list the ingredients for you. They are not perfect but are a place to start to understand what is in your favourite product. If you would like a free cabinet makeover, book a free call and let’s chat. You can use the link below to find a time that works for you and in the questions just comment: cabinet makeover. Book a cabinet makeover